Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MoMo : My first visit

Yesterday I visited this wonderful event. My friend Rajiv, who is also a budding entrepreneur, was insisting me for quite some time to visit the MoMo meetings. He is one of the organizers of this monthly event. Thanks to some pre-planning of my works, yesterday I could manage enough time to attend that. It was conducted in the cafeteria of the Aztecsoft Ltd building on inner ring road. Me, Rajiv and Bhav reached there around 6:15. It was raining outside, and we entered the beautiful building like three walking swimming pools.

The event started little late since people were delayed because of the downpour. But quite surprisingly, in spite of the rain, by 6:30, a convincing 30 to 35 people crowd was gathered. I found three of my friends (Nikhil, Anand and Hone) from Envio (My company) as well.

The ambiance got interesting as Pradeep Malhotra (MD of Vanu, India) started the talk on Software Defined Radio. He explained the technology and also what exactly Vanu, as a company, is doing in this field. His slides explained various components of a radio device and how they are replacing the entire DSP module from rigid hardware platforms to flexible, configurable software cores. However, he openly accepted its current drawbacks and explained why its not yet a big success in the commercial telecom networks. Of course it is being used by US defense for last few years. He also expressed his optimism in future commercial success of Vanu products in the domain of hybrid heterogeneous and shared networks. Throughout his presentation he was kept busy by the audience with lots of quality questions. Most of the questions were on the possibility of commercial success, optimization, efficiency of the product. There were couple of core technical questions like, how they do buffer management for real-time response and what are the OS optimizations they have done. Couple of questions were from his slides on the platform requirements for the product. According to him a BSC using their technology can run on any general purpose sun/solaris machine. There were couple of doubts from the audience on the scalability of such a software based product, to which he admitted that these are certain limitations still existing.

The session was very informative for me since I didn't have much knowledge of the technology before. It was followed by a demonstration session by Ram Prakash from Tachyon Technologies. His demo was about their product which enables fast, predictive and intuitive typing in local languages using normal computer keyboards and as well as using mobile phone keypads. Their demonstration was using a mobile phone which the presenter brought with him. I myself used it to get a hands-on and was really impressed by the smoothness and accuracy of it. I used it in Hindi language. Currently supported languages include Kanada, Tamil, Bengali and some more Indian languages. They are working on increasing the language support.

The event ended with a networking session with snacks. I liked both. I talked with Pradeep and came to know that he also worked in C-DOT, but before my joining. He was also a colleague of Chinay (My colleague in Envio) in Trillium. Met some people from Motorola, my previous company. And of course the interesting organizers.

I simply loved the event. It was informative, it was fun. To all those who are interested in discussions on wireless, telecommunication, mobile technologies, I recommend you regularly attend the MoMo events. For more information you can visit their site or you can contact Rajiv.

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