Saturday, October 13, 2007

My phone is not iPhone

Its funny! You see some one in the market using a fascinating multi-touch screen, floating his fingers over the surface of the phone to move from one colorful page to other, effortlessly. You ask him if his phone is the legendary iPhone and feel that you already know the answer. But he answers you "No".

Well! don't be surprised. Since a number of iPhone clones are already on the go. Take the case of M8, designed by the Chinese firm Meizu. Its rumored to hit the market in January 2008. Looks astonishingly similar to the Apple eye-candy and it has a smaller screen but a resolution(720x480) which is much higher than that of iPhone(320x480). M8 flaunts two cameras, one in back (3.0-megapixel) and one in the from (0.3-megapixel). The current price set is $788.50, which is actually the pre-order price. Its a WIN CE6.0 based phone.

Lets take the other culprit. CECT P168. Again from China. Specially for this one, "Clone" is not a good word. Its a blatant copy. Even the wallpapers!. It has two slots for SIM cards.. but wait, only one can be used at a time.

HTC Touch is another touch screen based iPhone clone. I am sure there are/will be more such around and I wish I could put my bet on which country most of them will come from. But no. International players like Samsung, Nokia, LG are also in the process of producing their own iPhone clones. Probably by the end of 2008 consumers will have iPhone and its numerous clones to choose from.

So here is one question I put in front of the reader..

"Cloning of technologies and designs - is it good or bad for the consumers? Considering some of them will be superior clones and some of them will be inferior clones."

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